The Magnificent Ambersons

This site creates, in the form of a graphic novel, the original uncut version of Orson Welles’ THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS. In addition the site contains and array of posters, stills, the original radio broadcast as well as the book, the screenplay and about everything else one might want to find on the film. In doing so, the site gives as complete a picture of the Orson Welles film as can be found anywhere.

The Mary Astor Collection

The Mary Astor website contains the largest collection of material on the web relating to Mary Astor; actress and writer. This website includes stills from almost all her films and TV work as well as studio and publicity photographs. Also included is much of her writing both public and private as well as her first autobiography, “My Story.” The material here is part of the archives collected by Joseph Egan in preparation for writing “The Purple Diaries.”

The Purple Diaries

The Purple Diaries website is designed to augment the Book “The Purple Diaries.” It contains photographs, actual diary excerpts and essays by the author relevant to writing his book. The site also contains photographs of the principal players who took part in the high drama which the book recounts.